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Author Topic: "Make a simple Chair, Sword & Character" jumbo PDF eBook + ePub/Mobi  (Read 5140 times)

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Finally available in store is a 400+ page PDF "Make a Chair, Sword & Character eBook". Includes "Making a Simple Chair", "Making a Simple Sword" and "Making a Simple Character" all in one ginormous PDF!.

Also being worked on is the additional availability of selected tutorials in ePub or Mobi eBook format for viewing on tablet or mobile devices, starting with "Making a Simple *.map based Level in Blender" tutorial.

[EDIT] "Making a simple chair in Blender" now has eBook options.
[EDIT II] "Making a simple Sword in Blender" now updated with eBook epub/mobi options.
[EDIT III] "Making a Simple Character in Blender" also available in ePub & Mobi formats.


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