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Author Topic: [closed] the hungry and homeless cooking show project  (Read 4074 times)

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[closed] the hungry and homeless cooking show project
« on: October 15, 2012, 02:19:40 AM »

hi my name is bobby brooks and i do a cooking show to help feed the hungry & the homeless of the planet I'm trying to create a new sizzle for my show but don't have any budget ,as most of us that try to do things for the poor often find ourselves, i think blender is the program that i need to use for the sizzle but my laptop only has 3 gig of ram so i can't run the program. I'm looking for some blender user's to donate some of their skill if it hit's your heart the right way.

The mission is to create a master blender session that people can contribute to. I have a gas range 3d model as well as a cast iron skillet that someone has already added a platinum record to the bottom of the pan. What i need is a kitchen interior to put my stove into

1. lay my skillet on top of the right front burner
2. animate one of the knobs to be rotated to a"on" position,
3. build a flame for under the skillet that goes with the knob animation,
4. i have another stove that has a pancake griddle on it and i need it move onto the master stove over the front and back left burners

I'm not sure how much I'm asking for but it would really really help the fight against hunger, thank you for your time reading this thank you very much. bobby.


[EDIT]tidied up your post a bit so it's not a wall of text. kat


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