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Author Topic: [IMVU] where to buy cheap IMVU credits online  (Read 71113 times)

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[IMVU] where to buy cheap IMVU credits online
« on: January 02, 2010, 12:47:50 PM »

IMPORTANT With immediate effect IMVU is retiring the Reseller Program.
As of May 2015 NO-ONE is authorised to sell or buy IMVU Credits.
Click here for more details on this from IMVU [archive].

The best and most secure place to buy IMVU credits cheaply is from one of the few authorised resellers that have been vetted and approved by IMVU. The list below includes some of the more popular of these "Trusted Resellers" - DO NOT buy from anyone not part of the trusted reseller program - if in doubt they should have an IMVU avatar page that can be checked out.

Officially vetted IMVU credit resellers
Please note; both buy and sell rates for IMVU Credits vary between resellers.

- Cassiopeian Credits (Cassiopeia)
- DevCredits (Tidy)
- Anshe Chung Studios (Anshe)
- First Meta Exchange (pwincesscotton)
- Furry Credits (razi)
- IMVUcredits (KittenKat)
- IMcredits (TNT)
- WaltzingMouse (Waltzingmouse)
- Lisnevash (Lisnevash)
- Vertextual Foundry (EternaSky)
- Regnarts (Regnarts)
- IMVU Love (69step)
- IMVUcredits (Jinx)
- AngeNZ (AngeNZ) sell*
- IMVUCE (eXium)
- XKZ Credits (rene2007)

NOTE: sell* = buys credits from Creators, vetting policies may apply.

Fraudulent IMVU credit resellers and who NOT to buy from
IMVU is no longer officially providing it's users any information about fraudulent credit resellers. As such if you are about to buy from a credit reseller and they're not listed above or are not widely known within the IMVU community then there's a high probability that it's an IMVU credit scam, outright fraudulent credit resellers or one of the numerous gold and/or credit miners who are either simply not IMVU vetted or are out-and-out defrauding unsuspecting people.
  • Fraudulant Reseller List (community monitored)
Selling IMVU credits as a developer
A number of resellers buy in credits from IMVU content creators, details and restrictions vary between each reseller. In order to keep fraud to a minimum most resellers that buy in IMVU credits will limit purchase to creators that have been on IMVU for a minimum period or have a few products in their catalogues. Again, terms may vary. See items marked "sell*" for details.

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Changes to Creators earning credits
« Reply #1 on: April 09, 2015, 07:19:31 PM »
Important note

As of May 2015 IMVU creators and developers will no longer be able to sell earned credits to authorised resellers. Earnings will thenceforth occur at source (from IMVU) based on direct sales. For more information click here.
Due to several business reasons, we have concluded that we need to sunset the current reseller program where authorized resellers bought Credits from IMVU Creators in exchange for money and sold those Credits to other IMVU customers.

As IMVU Creators, starting today, you can start earning money (cash) directly from IMVU for any products you sell. You will be able to earn money for your virtual product sales at a consistent rate, from a single, reliable entity i.e us, and with full support of a dedicated team of representatives to assist you with the process. Of course you can always choose to earn IMVU Credits for your sales and use them to enjoy your IMVU experience.

As IMVU customers, you can continue to purchase any Credits you need directly from us again knowing there is one source to buy Credits from - IMVU. IMVU’s Credit store is available 24/7, offers a variety of payment methods in all countries, and has our billing help team available to lend assistance if needed.

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How to Earn $$$ money on IMVU as a Creator
« Reply #2 on: April 09, 2015, 08:33:48 PM »
Process for Creators to earn money in/from IMVU

For Creators to earn money from sales in IMVU they will need to be properly verified. This means submitting identifying information and Tax documentation (all for internal use only). For US Citizens a W9 Form is required. For Non-US Citizens a W-8BEN Form. Both deal with certain withholding obligation or exemption respectively. The requirement to file this paper work will vary based on TERRITORY (where the Creator is in the World).

Being a Creator, and earning, requires VIP subscription

Process summary:
Step 1: Visit the Creator landing page and subscribe to the VIP program.
Step 2: Sign the new Creator Agreement and Creator Policy.
Step 3: Verify your account - requires name, address, PayPal ID and tax ID.
Step 4: Set your catalog to start earning money.
Step 5: Once balance reaches $50 make a Payout.

More information can be found here.

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Common IMVU questions
« Reply #3 on: April 09, 2015, 09:12:56 PM »
Common Questions:

TAXES: regardless as to whether individuals create for fun or not, ALL INCOME EARNED is subject to tax. Where the actually income derives (where it comes from) has absolutely NO BEARING on obligations to file and report income with the appropriate authorities; filing a W9 or W-8BEN relates to exemptions or changes to those obligations therein.

PAYPAL: going forward PAYPAL is the preferred payment gateway due to it being ubiquitous (everywhere - subject to embargoes etc.).

WON'T STOP THEFT: whilst the change may not stop the theft or misappropriation of IMVU products outright, it will have a knock-on effect in that it would mean IMVU is better able to 'police' and reprimand repeat or egregious offenders;  having personally identifiable information on record is in of itself enough of a dis-incentive because thieves would have to make themselves known in order to earn. It also cuts off the primary reason theft happens, the easy sale of credits through bogus resellers.

OPENS UP A BLACK MARKET FOR CREDIT SALES: whilst this may happen as a consequence, persons engaging in such activities would be doing so KNOWINGLY and at their own risk. Any losses or other repercussions are solely on the user.

EFFECT ON DERIVATION COSTS: currently the change only affects earning from Credit PROFITS and does not have any affect on mark-up values or derivation costs when submitting, both of which still require credits.


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