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Author Topic: m.katsbits.com - KatsBits on mobile devices  (Read 3231 times)

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m.katsbits.com - KatsBits on mobile devices
« on: April 07, 2011, 02:04:51 AM »
KatsBits is now mobilised. This has only been tested on a couple of devices so support will vary depending on what is used to access the site, older phones will only see text, newer smart phones and tablet devices will see the full site. There are two available options.

1) If you hit the site using the full address - http://www.katsbits.com - it should automatically display a stripped down version of each page of the main site as text only (all links are active as they're mostly internal) - image loading is turned off to so you don't get the bandwidth hit and charged for data usage and/or have to wait ages for the page to load over 3G et-al networks.

2) Similarly, if you go to http://m.katsbits.com you'll be able to read the sites news, blog and general forums (links are inactive as many are external and to prevent any bandwidth surprises). There are three options for this one though; "low" and "med" have no images, "full" loads the site as it would when viewed on a PC. Enjoy.

The two addresses again - http://www.katsbits.com & http://m.katsbits.com


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