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Author Topic: Crazybump Presets - how to post...  (Read 5409 times)

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Crazybump Presets - how to post...
« on: December 16, 2009, 07:01:33 PM »
Topics creation is moderated;

Although a text link to a zip file download is all that's needed to post a CrazyBump preset it's best to included some of the following information so users can get a better idea of what your settings will do.

Post presets in designated threads or create your own if you have a number of them available.

1) A screenshot of crazybump showing at least one texture 'slot' (page) image (640px width MAX).
2) A brief text description of what the overall effect of the preset is.
3) Download link to the preset asset in a *.zip or *.rar file.

1) Additional supporting material that helps users see what the preset does.
2) In game shots, 3D software renders, etc. of how the crazybump preset effects textures.
3) When posting files to the 'Net it's best to add your 'nick' to the file name; instead of "generic_stone.zip", it's preferable to use "[nick]_generic_stone.zip" - eg. "katsbits_generic_stone.zip".


"Finished Stone - generic"

"A 'generic' preset for stone - stone slab paving (York Stone), cut stone walls and other man-made surfaces that are classed as 'finished' stone surfaces. Preset has a subtle surface pitting and noise along with a default hard highlight specular setting"

Finished Stone preset (*.zip) >>

Code: [Select]
"[b](your preset name/title)[/b]"

"your description here"

[URL=url path to your image.jpg][img]url path to your 'forum' image 640 width max.jpg[/img][/URL]

[URL=link to downloadable zip or rar file.zip](file name) preset (*.zip) >>[/URL]


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