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Author Topic: Blenderjobs.com is now jobs.katsbits.com  (Read 4121 times)

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Blenderjobs.com is now jobs.katsbits.com
« on: September 05, 2010, 12:18:07 AM »

Good news everyone! It's time to let you know what's been going on in the background this last few weeks. After the last newsletter from BlenderJobs about the service being closed permanently, KatsBits got in touch and as a result has taken BlenderJobs onboard so the valuable service can be continued from jobs.katsbits.com; blenderjobs.com is still active but just points at the main homepage for now. We're also happy to say that both posting and reading job opportunities is free although membership is required to post opportunities.

Welcome to jobs.katsbits.com everyone, users old and new!


http://jobs.katsbits.com · http://www.blenderjobs.com


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