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Author Topic: Requested feature was omitted at compile time  (Read 4208 times)

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Requested feature was omitted at compile time
« on: June 26, 2015, 03:25:56 AM »
1. After compiling & pak'ing, I'll go to select the map ingame, but get booted to desktop with a console error:

Code: [Select]
----- Server Shutdown -----
==== ShutdownGame ====
AAS shutdown.
Requested feature was omitted at compile time

I'm not sure what request they mean, as i did a full vis & light extra.

2. Also, the q3map.exe always has to close during the -vis due to an error. Then it goes on with the -light. This happened with a previous map I made, and I had no problems with it from its pk3.

3. Whats the significance of the .prt file to the .bsp? Does this need to be done before vis/light? (Is it included?) As i've noticed, it's not there after doing the vis/light.

I'm using gtkRadiant 1.1 with xp. [psion]

1. This problem occurs if you're using a jpg saved with progressive encoding as your levelshot. Use standard encoding instead. [Anwulf]

2. Found the nightly build (of gtk) is doing the trick. Wasn't aware it was a vis crash bug. [psion]

3. The .prt file contains the portal information which you'd use in conjunction with the portal viewer plugin. Unless you add a compile option to your projects file with the -saveprt switch, the .prt file is automatically deleted. [Anwulf]

[Addendum] "AAS" is the "Area Awareness System" used by Bots/AI to navigate levels, data that's compiled out to an accompanying *.aas file ([mapname].aas). Usually when there is a problem with this file the game will crash back to the main game screen or completely to desktop. When compiling the *.map file, make sure the structure is properly optimised for subsequent AAS compilation of the resulting BSP to avoid errors occuring in the former (aas). Failing that a number of options are available during BSP compile that may resolve or mitigate otherwise complex structures that could be triggering the error.

Note also the "Requested Feature was Omitted at Compile Time" error also occurs when the *.map file being compiled is missing the "WorldSpawn" entity that usually occupies the first few lines of the file, i.e...

Code: [Select]
// entity 0
"classname" "worldspawn"
// brush from cube



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