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Author Topic: README second  (Read 5281 times)

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README second
« on: April 12, 2012, 12:23:51 AM »

First. Thanks for posting your project.
Second. People are not mind readers.

Put it this way. It's highly likely that (1) people don't know you, (2) they have never heard of your 'awesome' project, and as a result, will (3) dismiss it out of hand as being YAAICGDI (Yet Another Awesome Idea Consigned to the Great Dustbin of the Internet). And yes, we just made that up.

So. Respect your prospective team-mates and do them the courtesy of providing the kind of project details they need to make a qualified and well informed decision about joining you in the pursuit of your "most awesome-est game idea... eva!". You would want that yourself, right?

You don't need to provide exhaustive information ("grass on the plant KlakTooie, grows sideways, flowers upside-down pink rainbows in summer, and grows approximately three inches from the sky, on Tuesdays, after a good cup of lemon tea, whilst reading a book on the exploits of St Kla'akgustin the XXVII [27th] and their attempts to establish an outer colony on the inside of a the tea-plate where their uneaten crumpet currently resides"), prospects can get that from you when they apply. But, you do need to proffer up enough material to pique their interests to apply/reply to you. So... the following bullet-points should help in this regard;
  • What's the basic outline of your game idea?
  • Have you got a working document (game design doc)?
  • Are there any other people involved at present?
  • Have you got any artwork/concepts together showing the basic vision/theme wanted?
  • Have you got any initial test objects/levels/characters meshed up?
If you can answer any of the above, post it to your topic and give prospects the opportunity to see what you've done, what you're doing, and what you're planning on doing.


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