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Author Topic: Best way to make spiral stairs from brushes in Radiant  (Read 4842 times)

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Best way to make spiral stairs from brushes in Radiant
« on: July 01, 2010, 12:04:42 AM »

Video outlining the best approach to making uniformly sized spiral stairs, with steps that are exactly the same size, from brush volumes in GtkRadiant.

Remember that "non-axial" brushwork (brush work not snapped to the grid and resulting in 'floating point' coordinates) like this needs to be flagged as "Detail", "Ctrl+M", when made for idTech 3 (Quake 3/RtCW etc.) games to prevent BSP errors during compile - note that Q3Map may error out where Q3Map2 might not because of compiling improvements to the latter.

For idTech 4 games (Doom 4/Quake 4 etc.) it's not possible to convert or flag brush volumes as "Detail". An alternative approach is to convert brush groups into brush-based "func_static" entities which does the same thing as the "Detail" flag - volumes are not treated as 'structural' and do not split the BSP.

A final alternative might be to convert brush work into a model and then load the structure that way.

Video to accompany the written "best way to make spiral stairs" tutorial.


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