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European Commission on the Copyright Directive, Article 11 & Article 13kat04697
Article 13, YouTube (BigTech) & #SaveYourInternet astroturfingkat15863
EU Directive on Copyright - Article 11 (link tax) & Article 13 (content filter)kat08775
Article 11 of the EU Copyright Directive (link tax)kat1416445
Article 13 of the EU Copyright Directivekat1817202
Hey ho, to sea we go, a Pirates life for meeeee!kat04574
Pewdiepie, pejoratives and threats of false DMCAkat04855
MarkMonitor, AWS and site scanning abusekat08557
Red Cross symbol, War Crimes & Video Gameskat05423
Improving Content ID for creatorskat15823
What is/does getting "FOXed" mean?kat06932
Pepper and Carrott and the curious case of Copyright infringement >meow<kat15709
Google to help defend Fair Use on YouTubekat06029
EU considers hyperlink Copyrightkat09421
DMCA exemptions - single player gameskat35468
DMCA and its Failingskat16421
Valve & Paid Content/Mods unofficial FAQ'skat06668
Mario, Fan Art and Fair Usekat37809
Download sites and Copyright, sort of...kat36077
President Obama's Plan for a Free and Open Internetkat05261
Re-selling game keys without the express authorisation...kat04678
Voluntary Copyright Alert Programme (Vcap)kat04691
Fan Art and Copyright Infringementkat012359
Not approved for monetisation...kat04700
Its a Terms of Service violation, not Copyright disputekat15034
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