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IMVU Survey - social media post blockskat1777
Online Harms White Paper - indirect internet regulation & censorshipkat01072
Article 11 15, Article 13 17, EU Copyright Apr 2019 (provisional)kat21039
URGENT: YouTube policy changeskat85005
YouTubes adpocalypse super-secret/hidden (since removed) codeskat12755
EU Commission & Restricting YouTube for the Public Goodkat04668
YouTube (Google), demonetization and censorshipkat03105
Social media experiments or curating YOUR likes, subs and followskat13191
Developers and self, voluntary, censorshipkat03814
The path to AI is not a straight line: Tay & the mystery memory holekat03394
Twitters "Ministry of Truth" Trust & Safety Councilkat02999
Free Speech & Expectations of Privacy on Social Mediakat03319
Draft Investigatory Powers Bill (as passed "Investigatory Powers Act 2016")kat107648
Cyber Violence Against Women and Girls - A World-Wide Wake-Up Callkat135304
Stazi watching Facebook?!kat02789
big brother wants to censor your gamesratty redemption23741
Terrorism, web sites, games and privacy (anonymity)kat6458117
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