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FAQ on games, gaming & IT / Carrier Services is having trouble with Google Play Services
« Last post by kat on September 01, 2019, 07:53:00 AM »

There's a persistent synchronisation error on Android devices (Android Pie [9] in particular) that prevents, interrupts or interferes with applications or services ability to automatically or self update; email apps (Outlook, Gmail, Blackberry Hub+ Inbox etc.), calendar apps, tasks etc. and other scheduled or time sensitive apps seem to be particularly affected. The error seems especially prevalent with POP (POP3) services associated with privately held domain names (non Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo etc. email).

Google Play Services
Carrier Services is having trouble with Google Play Services...

It seems that disabling access permissions for any item under Google Play services, specifically those relating to Carrier Services component, interferes with dependent apps ability to properly function. However, although further error states;

This app won't work properly unless you allow Google Plage services' request to access the follow:
● [disabled items list
● Body sensors
● Camera
● Location
● etc.]
To continue, open Settings, then Permissions, and allow all listed items.
Unfortunately even with all items enabled as requested (which may cause privacy concerns), the error still occurs intermittently suggesting there may be issues with various apps and services connecting and/or using Android 9 rather than there necessarily being an access or permissions issue.

The upshot: there doesn't appear to be a single fix for the email synchronisation issue, which may require Carrier services options and/or Account Sync to be enabled/disabled occasionally to kick the system into action.
IMVU Content Creating / Re: Missing image in Blender 2.80
« Last post by kat on August 16, 2019, 03:53:49 AM »
Moved to its own topic ;o)

This happens with Blender 2.80 because it no longer uses the old Blender Render material system, materials are there but they're missing the other elements that makes them work in Blender 2.79, so they appear white or untextured. The fix is to basically rebuild the material using the new Node system. Read more about this here https://www.katsbits.com/codex/imvu/

IMVU Content Creating / Missing materials/images in Blender 2.80
« Last post by VibeSenpai on August 16, 2019, 12:42:11 AM »
This might be out of topic but how can I get Blender to load the textures of the Armature like yours above? Mines load white...
IMVU Content Creating / Re: Custom avatar sitting pose floats above floor/furniture
« Last post by kat on August 13, 2019, 04:44:54 PM »
Ah thought so. To be clear, Female03MasterRoot can have keyframes marked but it should never be moved from it's default position at grid-centre, it's what IMVU uses as a lock and key between the different types of product.
I figured out why. I moved the female03masterroot and shouldn't have.  I redid the pose moving only the PelvisNode and it fixed it. The avi sits now. And wow I didn't know that. I'll derive from that from now. Thank you for your help!
IMVU Content Creating / Re: Custom avatar sitting pose floats above floor/furniture
« Last post by kat on August 13, 2019, 03:46:05 AM »
Can you post a screenshot looking at the Blender project from the side and showing the entire skeleton? Looking again at the Blender shot you posted previously it looks like there's something going on with the root node (Female03MasterRoot), you should be looking at something like this (note the two highlighted bones, Pelvis and Master) - the root bone MUST be positioned at grid-centre in Blender (0,0,0 on the XYZ), Pelvis is then positioned/posed relative to it.

Take a look at the pictures in this section of the pose tutorial and node the one showing the before and after poses, note where the root bone is located relative to the furniture item... that's what you have to do with all poses, avatar, room and furniture.

Also, for avatar poses it's generally best to derive from the Empty Mood product (10945930) rather than the base avatars (80/191), as you don't need to forcibly override the defaults and you won't run into conflicts.
The standing works fine no problems it's just the sit that's acting weird. I've renamed the file many times and redid keyframes and still nothing. It's not a furniture but a male avatar derive from imvu (avatars section) https://www.imvu.com/shop/product.php?products_id=191 I used 0.01 when importing as well and 86 root from the drop down menu.

The pose in create mode: http://prntscr.com/orpj05 (I added the couch from my inventory to do sits)
IMVU Content Creating / Re: Custom avatar sitting pose floats above floor/furniture
« Last post by kat on August 12, 2019, 03:35:11 PM »
Hmm... not seeing anything untoward there. Is it just that particular pose or are all the ones you're using in the IMVU action doing that same thing? Can you post a screenshot of the pose in IMVU relative to a furniture item (for comparison).
IMVU Content Creating / Custom avatar sitting pose floats above floor/furniture
« Last post by VibeSenpai on August 12, 2019, 02:03:30 PM »
In the Male03(poses).blend file all the bones were lockrot’d on frame 1 which is where I started my pose. The avi is floating in create mode.

Action Editor> http://prntscr.com/orgahd

and Actions Tab> http://prntscr.com/orgcsu

(In blender I'm using the Male03 (poses).blend file) and Blender 2.80 version. I’m not sure if I’m keyframing it right.

Please any suggestions would help. I would really like to make this sitting for the avi I’m creating.

[EDIT] included images and changed title so it makes a bit more sense, kat.
IMVU Content Creating / Re: IMVU Survey - mobile app and compatibility issues
« Last post by kat on August 11, 2019, 03:18:55 PM »
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