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IMVU Android Login errorkat130
[IMVU] Make a Morph Animated Heart Accessory (LIVE!)kat11680
[IMVU] Make a valentines bike (LIVE!)kat01105
Using SketchUp for IMVU (LIVE!)kat01106
[IMVU] Make IMVU jewelry ring box accessory (Beginner Friendly) (LIVE!)kat01189
[IMVU] Make a Witches Traffic Cone Broomstick in Blender (LIVE!)kat01401
[IMVU] Composite SkinsEdieMaye74203
Blender Head ShapekeysEdieMaye102542
Using IMVU avatar helper as sample can not be textured.JanXuan102098
[IMVU] Pose TroubleshootingEdieMaye52395
[IMVU] Lighting problems with hair meshJhaeza12111
Using Cinema4D for IMVUkat01796
[IMVU] How to use Hexagon for IMVU (transcript & translation)kat01827
[IMVU] Intro to Blender for IMVU Creators (transcript & translation)kat13892
An introduction to Blender for IMVU Creators (PDF)kat12952
[IMVU] My first IMVU mesh, a simple pumpkin (transcript & translation)kat02413
[IMVU] Make custom IMVU avatar poses (transcript & translations)kat03596
FBX files, videos & tutorials for Blender & IMVUkat47624
Coming Soon: IMVU FBX Importer for Blender kat04180
[IMVU] Understanding FBX import scale (transcript & translation)kat02416
[IMVU] Import FBX into IMVU Create Mode (transcript & translation)kat02714
[IMVU] Easy Furniture Seats using Nodes (transcript & translation)kat02207
[IMVU] Easily make IMVU furniture using nodes (transcript & translation)kat02365
[imvu] Using UV map as textureJhaeza276483
IMVU Problem exporting wall furnitureAndrew Bailey122992
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