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Mages Skulls
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instructions for use
1 : extracting/installation
  • downloaded and save the files to a temporary folder/location on your system, C:\temp is typical
  • create a folder called 'SPKAT' in the primary directory of Wolf; ie. c:\program files\return to castle wolfenstein\SPKAT
  • depending on which version (zip or rar) you have double click on the 1st part. The file should open in the correct program listing its contents. Hit the 'extract' button and browse to the SPKAT folder and the click 'OK'. The archive will now be uncompressed to that location.
  • (if necessary) repeat steps above for all the files downloaded.
  • If correctly installed you should have a folder called 'SPKAT' in the 'Return to Castle Wolfenstein' folder and several files therein contained..
    • spkat_*.pk3
    • Mages Skulls.bat
    • Mages.ico
    • Readme_1st.rtf
    • Readme_2nd.rft
If you grabbed the self extracting zip exe files, just point them to the correct folder (defaults to C:\Program Files\Return to Castle Wolfenstein\SPKAT) - make sure that if you change the default path that you add 'SPKAT' to the end otherwise it won't install to the correct place (ie. D:\rtcw\SPKAT or E:\games\wolf\SPKAT)

2 : shortcuts and running the mod
  • open the newly created SPKAT folder and find the file called 'Mages Skulls.bat' you can run the mod directly from this file in it's current location by double clicking.
  • Alternatively if you right click and select 'Send to > Desktop' it will create an icon on your desktop which you can then double click to launch the mod.
  • For Win98 you may need to create a shortcut in the installation folder [right click & select 'create shortcut'] and then manually move the new icon to your desktop.
  • Once in the main mod menu interface (should look like the website click the 'start' button to start a new game.

If you have any installation problems or general comments please mail them to magesskulls@katsbits.com or post a message on the KatsBits forum