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How to test MP maps in Quake 4

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Straight from the horse's mouth, or rather, the bird's beak at Raven. A lot of people have been confused over the new method implemented for testing maps in Quake 4 multiplayer, simply typing 'map mp/[mapname]' doesn't work correctly as all that does it spawn the map into Single Player mode. What you have to do is 'spawn' an MP server so you can test MP maps.

There are two ways you can this, by using the in game console, or by running a '*.cfg' file with the necessary parameters in it. The following is for the former method - using the console.

Once Quake 4 has started, drop the console and type the following;

Code: [Select]
si_pure 0
si_map mp/[mapname]
si_gametype dm
net_allowcheats 1

Once you hit spawnserver the game should run and the map load into the correct game 'type'; 'Death Match' in the example above. Valid gametypes are;
  • dm
  • tdm
  • ctf
  • arena ctf
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If you want to test the same map over and over and don't want to keep typing all those commands into the console then do the following;
  • Copy the parameters above ('si_pure 0' etc.) into a text file
  • Save the text file to ../q4base as [your_map_name].cfg
  • Start Quake 4, drop the console and type 'exec [your_map_name]'
This will load the map into Quake 4 with cheats enabled using the 'gametype' set with 'si_gametype [X]'.