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Guns, games and real world aggression & violence

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According to a recent poll it was determined that the British public generally believe that games cause real world aggression and violence. Interestingly, the older a person was, the less contact they had with games, the more likely they were to respond positively to "games = violence", hardly a surprise considering the leading question - "Playing video / computer games... They can be a cause of real-world violence and aggression".

Unfortunately this has meant, for anyone wanting to use this 'research' at least, that discussing the true meaning of "games = violence" falls short by a considerable margin because respondents were never asked any qualitative follow up questions, even the most basic and simple, such as;
  • "What do you mean by 'causing violence' within the context of video / computer games"
  • "Can you give examples of video / computer games you consider as causing violence?"
  • "Have you played any of the computer / video games mentioned in your previous response?"
  • "If not, where did you find out about video / computer games causing violence?"
  • "What made you respond that video / computer games cause violence?"
Sadly all we have is a sliding scale of "Yes I agree" to / from "No I disagree". Hardly enough data to be considered research for this discussion to be taken seriously or in any positive light / direction... That is unless you happen to be an politician, who already appear to be grabbing at this half-baked information as validation that games do indeed cause violence because... the public said so. And we constantly wonder why / how they make such ill-informed decisions (Ed. no we don't!).

Incidentally, if we really want to look into this debate about audio-visual stimulation (that's all games are in essence) being a cause of violence the search can be started at no better place than the Military's pursuit of the so called "Super-Soldier"; there's absolutely stacks of publicly available data going back to World War II (and beyond) covering experiments to produce more aggressive and / or violent but controllable 'weapons'. Real science. Real research. Not pithy surveys signed off by someone with a few letters after their name.

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good points, and that was an interesting article you linked to kat.

also how many game devs (who actually make these violent video games) end up loosing control of their minds and massacring their fellow office workers or families?

i don't think i've heard of a single case to date. and we know the devs spend months on end, if not years working long hours on those audio visual stimuli.