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[IMVU] what's the proper grid size for rooms?

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Note: The following applies for Blender 2.49 (or below) and newer versions, the difference is generally the location of the tools and settings rather than whether they exist or not.

The pink object highlighted in the image shown below (centre) is an avatar helper mesh from the furniture room template, used as a scale reference when building a room in Blender for IMVU. Although Blender does need a scale set to match IMVU, the actual size of objects should be meshed relative to the HELPER's; as they are exact duplicates of IMVU avatars, meshes should be constructed around them rather than making the room/furniture first and trying to fit it to the avatar afterwards.

To change GRID SCALE values in 2.49 or below, open the View Properties panel (click "View > View Properties") and change "Spacing:", "Lines:" and "Divisions:" to "100", "100" and "10" respectively ("Spacing : 100.00", "Lines: 100", "Divisions : 10"). Change "Clip End:" to "1000000.00" ("Clipping: 1000000.00") or increase the value as high as it will go.

To change GRID SCALE values in Blender 2.64 or above open "View/Transform Properties" ("N"), scroll down to "Display" then edit "Lines:", "Scale:" and "Subdivisions:" to "100", "100" and "10" ("Lines: 100", "Scale: 100.000" and "Subdivisions: 10"). IN "View" change "End:" to "1000000.000" (or as high as it will go - "End: 1000000.000") increase/decrease camera clip to show more, or less, of the Scene.

IMVU Scale settings