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How to post an UNPAID job request (README first)

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 Forum membership IS REQUIRED to post a job listing*

*to prevent spam and junk posts

This sub-forum is for UNPAID requests only.

For Job Posters (those making offers)
To ensure the right kind of response to listings post as much information as possible, which would typically include;

- If the project is on/off site, freelance, contract, remote work etc..
- If there are any NDA requirements (freelance/contract).
- Any general requirements applicants should be aware of before they reply/apply (copy or usage rights etc.).
- Publicly visible valid contact details.

Be descriptive with topic titles and summarise posts so readers know at a glance what the project is about - don't title topic "I need help" but instead something like "Need some world assets for Unity game". Post links and images as necessary in support of the position, project or job. Listings requiring readers to contact and email address may be deleted or closed as Admins discretion.

Unless otherwise instructed, topics will be locked or deleted at Admin discretion after allowing sufficient time for completion or closure.

Contact jobs@katsbits.com if you have specific requirements not mentioned here.

For Respondents (the looking for work)
Posting or responding to job requests is FREE

- Ask questions or post comment about a JOB where clarification is needed.

- Post CV, links to portfolios, demos or other solicitations in the forums, they should be sent to the poster at their request.
- Post your contact details or other personal information.
- Please refrain from general discussion.

Single line, incomplete, incoherent or spam posts may be deleted and/or result in account closure.

Have a great idea for a game, please read this before positing.