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GamerGate Never Ends... Gamers as National Security Risks

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GamerGate never ends... because it's far too useful a tool to The Invisible Hand(TM) that are societies "Stakeholders".

In other words the propensity of gamers to be disagreeable is reason enough to 'monitor' and 'watch' their activities, in the name of redirecting or "countering disinformation" - the 'politically correct' way to say "terrorists" and/or "national security threats" without saying "terrorists" and/or "national security threats".

Gamers :o

cf. pages 50 & 51 in particular in the below (snapshot attached to post) - what's being described in the below screenshot, these 'alternative networks' of 'self-validating' "research", is Wikipedia. Or rather, information hubs that are not as formalised but function as alternative to Wikipedia.

What's interesting here is the outright dismissal of who the people involved in these 'alternative networks' are - they are as likely, if not more likely, to be in fields of science, engineering, math, politics etc., but are instead diminished and minimised whole-cloth, and simultaneously elevated to positions of being, essentially, "right-wing conspiracy theorists" and national security risks.

Gamers are right-wing national security risks

Note: the document below was originally published in 2021.

USAID Disinformation Primer... by FoundationForFreedomOnline