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Sculpting/modelling question(s)

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In the midst of creating various assets for the project which myself and others are working on for the first Unreal, I've discovered that sculpt mode is very useful for creating organic geometry.

I might have some more questions about sculpting as I go along, but for now I was just wondering if there's some kind of fade out setting to enable for brush strokes? Personally I can't see any kind of setting within the sculpt properties which enables such a mode, though maybe the way I'm expecting it to be enabled is different to how it is actually enabled.

Otherwise, would Kat or somebody else know of a plugin which enabled a fade out setting which allows the size of the strokes effect to shrink (or the strength) for a defined amount of stroke intervals?

Thanks in advanced.

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Some Sculpt Mode brush stroke attributes can be changed in "Stroke" and "Curve" properties (Tool Shelf once "Sculpt Mode" is activated) but don't know if that changes the outcome to replicate the kind of fade and fall-off you're likely wanting to replicate. It might be possible but I've unfortunately not used Sculpt Mode enough to have noticed (PC not really powerful enough to do any serious sculpting).