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Trees are always tricky to do convincingly for games so here are some references to help you along the way.

Add any links you find in your travels   

Tutorials & misc articles
Polycount Foliage
Sprite based trees (archive)
Trees for beginners (archive)
tree[d] returns (archive)
http://www.yofrankie.org/tutorial-low-poly-tree-part-1/ (video, 1 or 5) (archive)

Plant Studio (free?)
TreeMaker Max script

Image References
tree textures (LA/Florida/tropical)

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That's no tutorial but I released some tree models for Wolfenstein Enemy Territory that I made for my last map (Adlerhorst http://www.pazurmapping.com/adlerhorst_gal1.htm)

Download them here if you are interested: http://www.pazurmapping.com/models/Tree_Set.zip

I rendered an alpha texture from a foliage + branch model and then I applied it to some "crossed" planes and added a bole. Later I added some LOD stages.

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I need to find nice good textures for realistics trees not like you posted , for european and tropic trees and foliage