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[doom3.gpl] Change doom3.exe program/shorcut icon

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The doom3.gpl source code uses a standard 'icon' bitmap image to illustrate the compiled exe. To change this replace the respective 'icon' files, i.e. *.ico/Win, *.icns/OSx, *.png/Linux, in the following locations;

- For Windows: "\neo\sys\win32\rc\res", change "doom.ico" and/or "icon2.ico" (32bit, 32x32 pixel bitmap).
- For Mac: "\neo\sys\osx", change "Doom3.icns" (32bit, 128x128 pixel bitmap).
- For Linux: "\neo\sys\linux\setup\image", change "doom3.png" (32bit, 48x48 pixel PNG).

Images can be 24bit or 32 bit, the latter being required if the icon is to appear shaped or 'masked' in some way, a function that requires the use of image based alpha mask/channels, or where black (0,0,0) represents 0% opaque (100% transparent) pixels.

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