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Re: #Brexit. In the past Britain has chastised third-world Leaders, Governments and Establishment Elites for ignoring the results of democratic majority votes[1], particularly when the margins are slim. Beyond issuing strong letters of dissatisfaction to the appropriate territorial consulate representative, the Country occasionally resorts to blockades and sanctions as means to coerce errant Leaders into recognising and acting upon the will of the people.

When such 'soft politics' fail, direct and indirect action is taken through financial and military 'aid', typically given to opposition parties and organisations to support their efforts in toppling 'oppressive regimes' in favour of (more) democratic representation, even when it's known doing so will tear a Nation asunder through civil war, genocide and other atrocities, actions often rationalised by the prevailing Establishment Elites and (typically State favorable) media as necessary to stop various racists, xenophobes, non-secular intolerances, and/or anti-government/establishment actors and groups.

The consequences of this, of the prevailing powers and establishment elites not recognising the legitimacy of a democratic majority vote, of their flat out ignoring the results, has resulted in the death and displacement of hundreds of millions of people in the last century alone (World Wars and/or conflicts of International significance excluded). Hundreds of Millions.

A bit hyperbolic perhaps, after-all Britain is a relatively wealthy Nation, not a 'third-world' despotic regime. Be that as it may, whilst the consequences may differ - it's highly unlikely Britain will suffer an all out Civil War requiring UN intervention - the fundamental democratic principles at play do not; the minority vociferously demonising, other-ising, name-calling, shaming and outright demanding direct action against the majority rarely, if ever, ends well for anyone, Governments and Establishment elites alike.

As an aside: Google search results (at time of writing);
#Remain = 599,000,000
#Brexit = 154,000,000

[1] unless a clear, objective case of voter fraud can be independently observed/shown, which would then legitimise calls for a recount (typical), or revoke (rare) - the importance of International and/or independent election/voting watchdogs able to monitor elections cannot be underestimated as they play a vital role in reporting results and acting as check-and-balance mechanism against the possibility of activities that may otherwise go under the radar.