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Help with Kinect motion capture

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After years of trying to do character animations by keyframing, I just purchased a dedicated Kinect Sensor to connect to my PC. Now it goes so much faster. Problem is, Kinect puts out an .xef file.

So how do I import the .xef file from the Kinect sensor into Blender 3d as a .bvh file?

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Doesn't look like it's possible to convert *.xef data to *.bvh at present, at least not the way one might normally do such a thing when wanting to use Blender. There is a converter available but that's for updating old capture data. Beyond that there is an API for Kinect (Kinect Studio tools) so it looks like what Microsoft are wanting is for their API to be used as plugins to capture or load raw data to be used 'as is'. Even then very little exists to do that either so not really sure what to recommend doing.