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Useful shortcut and mouse controls for GtkRadiant

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2D Grid Basics
Draw brush volume = LMB drag - draws a brush volume on the grid.
(De)Select a brush/object = Shift+LMB - selects/deselects objects.
Deselect all = Esc = deselects ALL items.
Move a selection = LMB drag active - active selections move based on grid view orientation.
Edit selection = LMB drag - click-drag the leading edge of a volume to increase/decrease size.
Cut/Clip selection = Ctrl+RMB - to place two or three 'clip points'; "Enter" to cut (Shift+Enter inverts cut).
Duplicate = Space Bar - duplicates a selection (alternative to Copy & Paste).
Strafe = RMB drag - moves view left/right, up/down.
Zoom = Shift+RMB drag - zooms the view in out relative to orientation.
Rotate = n/a - 2D grid does not rotate.
Change orientation = Ctrl+Tab - flips "Front" (XZ), "Side" (YZ) and "Top" (XY) orientation.

2D Grid Advanced
Select Group (single) = Alt+Shift+LMB - selects a func_group.
Select Group (multiple) = n/a (cf. 3D Camera Advanced)

3D Camera Basics
(De)Select (single) = Shift+LMB - selects/deselects individual items.
(De)Select (multiple) = Shift+LMB drag - selects/deselects multiple objects.
Rotate Camera = RMB drag - rotates around centre of view, "FPS look".
Rotate around object = Ctrl+RMB+Hold drag = hold down right mouse rotates around a central point (turntable style rotation).
Strafe Camera = Ctrl+RMB - right-click to engage then move mouse up/down, left/right (no click-hold).
Zoom Camera = MMB up/down - zooms Camera in/out (note camera doesn't actually zoom, it moves forwards/backwards along "X" axis).
Up = D - moves Camera UP "Z" axis.
Down = C - moves Camera DOWN "Z" axis.
Rotate Up = A - rotates Camera UP relative to view
Rotate Down = Z - rotates Camera DOWN relative to view.

3D Camera Advanced
(De)Select Group (single) = Alt+Shift+LMB - selects/deselects a func_group or other grouped item.
(De)Select Group (multiple) = Alt+Shift+LMB drag - selects/deselects multiple groups and objects in same action.
Paint Select (single) = Ctrl+Shift+LMB - selects single surface
Paint Select (multiple) = Ctrl+Shift+LMB drag - selects multiple surfaces in a single action.
Multi-Paint Select = Ctrl+Shift+Alt+LMB drag - make multiple passes at surface selection.
Assign texture to brush = Ctrl+MMB - assigns active texture to entire brush (all sides).
Assign texture to face = Shift+Ctrl+MMB - assigns active texture to individual brush face.

2D & 3D Advanced
Select 'type' = Shift+A - selects ALL of same object type or texture assignment.
Select (single) = Shift+LMB - selects single brush or object.
Select (multiple) = Shift+LMB drag - selects multiple objects in the same action.
Make Detail = Ctrl+M - flags brush volumes as "Detail" which are ignored during VIS calculations.
Toggle Detail = Ctrl+D - show/hides Detail flagged brush volumes.