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How do you copy Objects between SCENES in Blender 2.49

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How do you copy objects, and groups of objects, between SCENES in Blender? I need to copy both Object Models, and Camera/Light Groupings, from one SCENE to another....

And Please, I do mean SCENES and not Layers.

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In the primary Scene (e.g. "Scene") right-click the Object to duplicate to the secondary Scene (e.g. "Scene.001") then from the "Object" menu in the 3D View Header select "» Make Links » To Scene" ("Object » Make Links » To Scene"). A pop-up appears listing the available Scenes (both "Scene" and "Scene.001" in this example). Click the one the objects need to be copied to. This creates a duplicated instance in the secondary Scene.

Note when doing this objects are LINKED meaning edited changes apply to all linked instances. To prevent this objects need to be made 'unique' (select the object click "Object » Make Single User » [option]").