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The Q3Map and Q3Map2 Common Errors list is a collection of Questions & Answers relating to common error messages that occur when compiling brushwork, maps and levels with Q3Map or Q3Map2 for games using idTech 3 (formally the Quake 3 engine).

A partial list was originally posted on the Quake3World level editing forums before the big f.u.b.a.r. of late 2004 where a good proton of the site was lost, including the Error List. Thankfully a forward thinking chap (thanks scourge34) has an archived copy saved, which was used as a basis for the below. The Common Errors list should be considered an ongoing active resource that had been updated over a number of years by several helpful and dedicated individuals from the Quake3World community.

The Common Errors list is not a complete list of all the possible error messages that might crop up, but a comment on the more frequent and common errors and problems that arise from editing and creating content for games based on the Quake 3 engine.