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pose library - problem with adding new poses

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I'm having problems with creating a collection of poses for my person armature.

I'm currently creating poses of the face to sync up with speech sounds, and I've successfully created 7 so far, but now I can't seem to add any more. Every time I try to add a new one, it simply writes over an old one, even though I keep selecting "ADD/REPLACE POSE".

Now it has stopped adding new poses, and gone to simply replacing one of my older previously saved ones with the new pose that I've just created, so I can't have a total of more than 24 poses overall (17 previously stored body poses plus the 7 facial poses I now seem to be limited to).

I have tried using both the ADD/REPLACE POSE button on the pose menu, and the ADD POSE button on the Link & Materials tab of the buttons menu, and I am using unique names.

Is there a limit to the number of poses one is able to create and store in a blender file? If not, how do I save more?

(Blender version 2.49b on Win XP)

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You can have as many POSES as you want within a single ACTION sequence but yes, although I don't recall the exact limit (24 sounds about right), 2.49 et al had limits on the number of active datablocks certain operations had available for use, which once hit would either not allow more to be generated, or as you're finding now, Blender over-writes existing blocks. Another example of this in 2.49 would be the 'name ID' input fields being limited to c.20 characters (ID names generally can't be longer than that). That's why you're hitting the limit. You can't necessarily work around this using 'Append' either because the limited is 'overall', once you hit 24 the same behavior kicks in.

What you're likely going to need to do is break your sequences down so depending on the speech, and face shapes required to match, you may need to use more than one Blender source file with slightly different Pose/Action sequences available for use, i.e. "the cat sat on the mat" would be associated with one Blender file that had an appropriate collection of poses, with "the quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog" being associated with another Blender file with a slightly different collection of Poses/Actions (what you might be able to do is save individual poses/actions as independent *.blend files that Append as needed, that way you're always using the same root Pose data for all).