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Max Trace Winding Vertexes

A trace winding is created for every triangle in the map and then chopped up into the BSP, then further chopped up until each of the raytracer's nodes is smaller than a certain size or complexity.

Hitting MAX_TW_VERTS means you have got some clustercrunch of geometry getting sliced up too much. Run a BSP compile with -debugportals (assuming you have the q3map.shader installed & in shaderlist.txt, or you are editing with the newest version of Gtk) with no vis or light stage, and run around the map looking for areas with lots of portals.

Other Possible Fixes:
  • If you can't find the offending area, then run the -light phase with the -lomem string to disable the trace tree subdivision.
  • Your map may be quite complex. Did you use a larger _blocksize key? Try _blocksize 8192 (or 16384) in the worldspawn.
A big thanks goes out to Ydnar for his lengthy explanation of this error. [Raven]

[Addendum] Generally speaking, only Structural brush volumes are split, cut and optimised (or those with 'Solid' surface properties). The Max_TW_Verts error there for tends to happen not just in complex levels but those composed largely of Structural brushwork. Avoiding this error then, like most, is a matter of constructing the level in a way that keeps Structural brush volumes and their intersection to a minimum - using the "caulk hull" technique and converting none-structural features to Detail is recommended.