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ERROR: PicoLoadModel: Failed loading model [path]

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What is the PicoLoadModel error?
The most common cause of this error is related to the various file paths used by the editor (both GtkRadiant and QeRadiant); usually it'll be the file paths to the compiler options rather than specifically file paths to models as set out in your projects settings.

How do I fix the error?
From your /scripts/.. folder find the following and then;
  • Open 'user0.proj' into NotePad and check the file paths; make sure they correct in relation to the location of the compiler you're using.
  • Open 'user0.qe4' into NotePad and check the file paths for the compiler options. As above make sure they correct relative to the compilers location.
You should where possible use a text only editor because certain word processing applications tend to add hidden 'formatting' syntax to a file which will crash the editor and compiler when it subsequently tries to access the file.

Or whilst you've got a map open in the editor;
  • Select a model (or models) and check the file path listed for that entity in the Entity Inspector panel, make sure they're listed as models/mapobjects/.. or similar and not something along the lines of C:/Program Files/Quake 3 Arena/models/..
'1' and '2' tend to happen if you load in an old *.proj ('project' file) or *.qe4 file from a previous installation, the file paths to the various compiler options and location are usually incorrect so when you run Q3map2 (q3map) the process will report various 'failed' messages.

Doing any or all the 'fixes' about should solve the problem.