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ERROR: line 0000: parsed 1. #IND

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What is the #IND error?

This is a Doom 3 and Quake 4 editor error that happens randomly for some (at present) unknown reason; the editor randomly replaces any number of numerical brush data references in the actual *.map file with "#IND". Because the editor doesn't know what this 'command' is, it reports the following error;

Code: [Select]
ERROR: line 0000: parsed 1. #IND
Telling you that line '0000' in the actual *.map file contains the first found instance of #IND.

How do I fix the #IND error
Currently the only way to fix the problem is to manually delete all references of the phrase from the map file. To do this;
  • Make a backup of the infected file (it's always a good idea to make backups of your working files when doing something like this).
  • Open either the original or backup *.map file into NotePad or similar text only editor (be carefull using text editors as some will save the file back out with 'hidden' data that will seriously damage the map file).
  • Depending on how big the file is either manually find and delete the #IND references. Or to make sure you quickly find them all, do a 'Find and Replace' using no text as the replacement - basically you find the references and replace them with nothing or a blank space, deleting the references only.
  • Save the file as another version (make sure you save as 'pure' text - see the note above).
  • Open the newly cleaned file into the editor.
It's most likely that doing this manual cleaning will break or corrupt some brushes so make sure you use the brush cleanup tool in "Misc ยป Clean Brushes" to fix those. Re-save the file again from the editor and you should then have a fully functional *.map file again.