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I get "mixed CONTENTS_DETAIL and CONTENTS_STRUCTURAL" when compiling my map. Though he tells me the entity and brush number, I can´t get rid of this msg, because deleting the brush seems not to affect this message, it just tells me another brush which "has" mixed contents.

I selected my whole level and made it detail, than I built a big Brush » CSG Make Hallow » func_group » make structural. That´s the way everybody does it, maybe my mapfile is messed up? ...and selecting the whole level again » make detail makes no difference [libertyforrest]

I've seen this one before. Someone on here got it one time by making hint brushes into detail.

OP Reply: "by making hint brushes into detail" exactly, i didn't filter the hint brushes when selecting and making it into detail, thx guys, now I have got a clean compile [libertyforrest]

[Addendum]: avoid using anything that means encasing the entire level in a box, although this may be valid initially to test whether there's a problem globally rather than locally (a problem with the map file itself rather than a leak someone), it's recommended not be used as a solution to a miss-identification or leak in a level. To find the offending component it may be possible to show/hide Structural or Detail brushes in turn to check what's visible when doing so, being familiar with the level should be enough to identify obvious issues with 'mixed' content in brush-based entities [kat]