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SP_Worldspawn: the first Entity isn't 'Worldspawn'

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I was just remaking a map i'v done for another game, i put in a jump pad and a Deathmatch start point, when i try to start it in quake i get.

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sp_worldspawn: the first entity isn't 'WorldSpawn'
I want to know whats wrong. it worked fine before i put the jump pad on the map and the start point on the second level.

[edit] i was using q3radiant instead of GtkRadiant, the error might not happen now [measter]

Answer: The 'WorldSpawn' entry at the top of your *.map file is missing. Open up an older version of the map in a text editor and copy the 1st line (or copy what you see in that one that's not present in the latest map file), paste it into place at the top of the newer file and save. If you can open the map in Radiant select an brush object and right click, select 'move into WorldSpawn' and then save the map. Hopefully that should have created the 'Worldspawn' key that's needed for the map to work. Make sure to make a backup before you do this so you can go back if it totally borks up as has been known to happen.

25b Question: works fine now that i got GtkRadiant, though i did have to start the map again [measter]

Answer: before you re-do all that work try these 1st... look for the autosave backup files, you'll have 2, one's actually called 'autosave.map' and the other 'your_last_maps_name.bak. The autosave you load into Radiant like any other map. The *.bak file needs to be 'loaded' into Radiant ("File ยป Load") or you can change the file extension to *.map and it'll load up. Make sure you version save your maps from now on if you're not doing this already, each time you do significant changes save a new file... [kat]