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MAX_MAPFILE_PLANES (max mapfile planes)

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Associated with AAS files for BOTs or AI. Usually caused by using large numbers of models (with q3map_clipModel in a shader) or large numbers of patch meshes in a map.

For models - removing q3map_clipModel from shader and manually clipping with weaponsclip (or some other clip brush) seems to fix this.

For patchmesh - depending on the number of models in a map, converting patch mesh work to ase models sometimes helps (leave clipModel out of shader) to remove the error.

But for AAS problems ydnar has noted that "BSPC needs to be updated with larger allowable values for planes, brush sides, etc." This effects any Quake 3 engined games using BOTs or AI. [kat]

[Addendum] Most "Max_Map_..." errors stems from maps that are too large, too structurally complex, or too detailed. The general solution then would be to employ techniques that reduce the amount of critical data that being generated by, and for BSP. This might mean;
  • using "Caulk Hulls", i.e. only brush volumes that seal or contain the map should be Structural.
  • flagging non-structural brushwork as "Detail" so it doesn't split BSP.
  • converting repetitive and/or small features or details to models.
  • using clean(er) construction techniques to reduce overlaps and redundant data.