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How to Import Brush Volumes into Max/Blender/Maya etc.

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How can I import Quake based brushwork into a 3D modelling app?
If you want to get the brushwork from a Quake 3 map into a 3D modelling app it's going to need converting to a format the 3D app can import, the most common format is DXF or OBJ.

Converting the brushwork
There are two ways to do this;
Design note: both methods UV map the resulting model on a 'per face' basis because of the way BSP and brushes work when used.

If the target 3D modeller can't import ASE or OBJ, you'll need to find a way to convert the mesh to a usable format, searching the internet should reveal a few converters, but be warned, they generally speaking only import, convert, export MESH data discarding UV mapping info. Alternatively, use Blender 3D which can import ASE, OBJ, and DXF allowing you to export the mesh back out to possibly another cross application model format.