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Where are the Particle (editFX), Articulated Figures (editAFs) editors?

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In Doom3/Quake 4 various editors are now 'stand alone' windows much like the editor console and assets browsers ("N"). The problem is that they're not 'active' by default so they have to be initialised manually. To open any individual editor or combination of editors as part of the general Doom 3/Quake 4 editor environment (the following opens an instance of the game and the appropriate editor), a command variable needs to be added to a desktop short cut that starts the game/editor.

The shortcut below starts the editor for normal Doom 3/Quake 4 editing;
Code: [Select]
"E:\\Program Files\Quake4\Quake4.exe" +r_fullscreen 0 +r_brightness 1.0 +vid_restart +wait +editor
With the addition of any of the following in front of "+editor" starts the appropriate 'edit' window;
  • +editAFs
  • +editCVars
  • +editDecls
  • +editFX
  • +editFX_stop
  • +editFX_play
  • +editFX_playlooping
  • +editGUIs
  • +editLights
  • +editMaterials
  • +editPDAs
  • +editPlaybacks
  • +editReverb
  • +editScripts
  • +editSounds
So adding "+editFX" in front of the +editor command would give us;

Code: [Select]
"E:\\Program Files\Quake4\Quake4.exe" +r_fullscreen 0 +r_gamma 1 +vid_restart +wait +editFX +editor
Opening editors using the in-game Console
A more reliable and convenient way to access each of the various editors is to type a command into the in-game Console, a drop-down text-based interface that appears usually when the "~" key pressed. To do this, start the game as normal and then press "~" to access the console. Once it appears type "editafs" to access the Articulated Figure Editor for example. Similarly, type any one of the editor names to access their respective editors and properties.
Note: the console typically opens using "~", "Alt+Ctrl+~" or "Alt+Ctrl". If none of these work, check "DoomConfig.cfg" in the games "base" folder to see if the console is enabled (it's OFF/not displayed/accessible by default). If not add the following commands to the file and save - "seta com_allowconsole "1"" and "bind "~" "console"" - this may be session based, needing to be added to the file because the game tends to over-ride with defaults when started (even if not played or used).

Opening editors inside DoomEdit/Radiant
An alternative approach to using the various editors is to access them from within DoomEdit, i.e., whilst the level editor is open. To do this open the "Console Inspector" ("N") and type "editafs" at the command line input box and press "Enter" to open the Articulated Figure editor (for example). The editor will then open allowing a selection to be modified and saved. Type any other editor name to open and access similarly.
Note: using this approach may result in files not saving correctly so use on a dummy or test file to double-check, else risk loosing previously generated *.af files.