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Make a rigged Minecraft character in Blender [video]

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Download *.blend Files
For Blender 2.8 and newer
 - Minecraft Character ref for Blender 2.8+
For Blender 2.79 and below
 - katsbits_minecraft-character.zip
 - katsbits_minecraft-size-guide.zip

Video (no narration) walkthrough on making a simple rigged Minecraft character in Blender

A basic understanding of Blender will be needed - how to make selections and move around the Scene for example.

For the sake of ease-of-use, the Minecraft characters default units are interpreted directly to Blender units. In other words looking at the default PNG texture applied to the character in-game, its head occupy 8x8x8 pixels so represented in Blender as 8x8x8 units. For an in depth explanation about the actual size of the Minecraft player click here.

Note additionally the texture assigned to the model is 512x256 for clarity (included below), when using the 64x32 pixel PNG image for 'Steve' (or other character) it appears blurred because Blender mipmaps and anti-aliases the image. To disable that go into "User Preferences" ("File > User Preferences") and deselect "Mipmaps" (middle column in the "OpenGL:" section) under "System" settings.