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[closed] BIONICLE: Next Generation Recruitment

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Hello, everyone! Lukas Sprehn here, a director and scripter on Bionicle: Next Generation, a great, and hopefully-to be high quality volunteer Bionicle fan film project.

This is the official 3D artist recruitment thread. Please read on.

Backstory: On the 20th of January, 2010, two years ago, an ambitious project were started by a man, named 'Toa Jampot' on the BZPower forum, and Lord Jam Pot on the Bionicle: Next Generation forums. It was created in response to the ending of the Bionicle toyline, and the story. The origianl goal were to create high quality fan films, based upon the online serials written by Gregory Todd Farsthey on BIONICLEStory.com In the beginning it went quite well, until many of the best modellers and animators quit due to them wanting to start their own professional careers.
The first film that we were working on were an adaptation of Dark Mirror. We entitled it The Empire.
After losing the 3D artists it went quite downhill, and we decided to move onto short films to demonstrate what would be possible for a bunch of teenagers with limited working time to accomplish with Blender.
We want to start the project up again and work on The Empire again.

Note: The Bionicle: Next Generation project got a lot of attention from Bionicle fans all around the world, perhaps more than others. And that is one of the reasons we wish to start it up again, and finish it as soon as possible. With a great example.

Back to topic: Yes, we want your help. Wheter you're boss with Blender 3D, wheter it's modelling, animation, rigging or even texturing, we can use your help.
Our goal is to create something the quality of the Blender short film, Sintel. Or perhaps better. We want to create some that are enjoyable for both us and the Bionicle fans.
I guess I should now show you guys a small portion of what we've accomplished as of yet. Here is a link with a list of images, the Toa Mata models on the BZPower forum. It is probably the easiest, http://www.bzpower.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=324654&st=1520&p=7080588&#entry7080588
If you like them, and if you want to help us create sets, new models, terrains, even water or visual effects, we would be very greatful.
If you want to help us, either post a comment here or send me a private message and I'll be happy to check out what you have to offer and what you've already made.
Remember, we want to take this project serious, we want to artists, to create something that are outstanding when only using a free software.

Note: Currently we have over sixty models finished. I am not sure whether or not they need to be fixed or developed some more, but maybe.

This is a project between several Bionicle fans and/or tallented people, but we need your help to accomplish our goal with this volunteer project. It don't matter if you don't live close to us or anything, because this is a project between people from all around the world that wish to help and make magic.

A few minor criteria:
1.Good understanding of Blender
2.Some past work you've done to show us what you can do.
3.Being able to spend the time necessary, be kind and not just give up right in the middle of all of it
4.Being able to create decent, or high quality, work with Blender
5.The will to spend volunteer time and talent on our project

Copyright infringement:
Since this is a fan project, a non-profit project, and created under the Fair Use Copyright Law, we should not be able to get in trouble starting this up, so don't worry.

Furthermore, the LEGO Company already ended the toy- and storyline. Maybe they still have the rights to the Bionicle series, but I don't think they would mind seing their fans make use of their series in this manner. Especially since they usually support fan made content.

Here is a link to the forums that we operate the project through, http://bionextgen.forumotion.com/forum/

And here is a link to the project's official YouTube channe: http://www.youtube.com/user/BionicleNextGen (most of what's on there is old and not that good)

Keep Bionicle alive. And believe, because I do.
Peace out,
- Luka1184/Lukas S.


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My name is louis, im very interested in helping with this project, let me know if this is still on the table. [email removed]

[EDIT]please use the contact information provided above (link to their forums) rather than posting email addresses, cheers. kat