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[closed] Glowing Ember Games: 3D Artists / Storyboard Artists

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Hello my names Phil and I am one of the artists at Glowing Ember Games.

We are a small indie group setting up our first level for our game "Bob Of All Trades".

Currently we are in need of:

3d Artists: We have a descriptive asset list that labels the technical details and reference images to what we need building. Ranging from organic to hard surface modelling.

Storyboard Artists: We have a story, script, character profiles and the actual characters built.

All levels of skill are welcome to apply.

We ask mainly for your commitment, passion and drive.

If you're interested, please let me know via email:



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We have been getting some applicants that are confused about what exactly does a storyboarder do. So, I have taken out the time to state what is need from you.

Like one great storyboard artist said,"turn the director’s interpretation of the script into either drawings that others can understand, like a comic book, or computer-generated video that can be watched".

What else do story board artist do:
  • Storyboard artists draw scenes by hand or computer
  • Sketch in black and white or they may produce full color storyboards by hand or with the computer.
  • Work with producers and directors

Thank you for the continued support. Also, we still need more 3D Artist.

Next, time I will let you guy now a little bit more about our indie game.

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