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Animate Shadows?

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Is there a way to animate shadows on an object, so they can be played back later?

For instance, if I move an object between a light and a plane source with the shadows and ray tracing on, and it creates a shadow which moves across the surface of that plane, can I "save" the progression of that shadow as it moves across the surface?

I guess I'm asking if I can "bake" an animation of that shadow's movement, so that it can simply be played back without having to re-raytrace compute it again. This way I could just replay the shadow's movement on the plane like a movie, or other anmation, and quickly re-film it on the object from various different camera angles?

Oh, by the way.... for Blender version 2.49b


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It really depends on what you're doing it for as you wouldn't generally animate the shadow along a path, that would generally be done having a static shadow (say the outline of a low flying aircraft) mapped to a surface which is then animated as an object, via a path, or as shader/SFX in-game.