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READ ME FIRST (Welcome, posting & images)

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A hearty welcome to the new and improved forums for KatsBits.

Posting new topics
Where ever possible append a 'tag' before the topic title, for example [Q3], [Q4], [UT3], [CE3] and so on, as it helps to quickly assess subjects and helps with searching the forum topics.

Screen shots and images should be kept to a maximum for 760 pixels width/height - members can use attachments. Also consider providing information about what you're showing so readers know what's what.

"[Blender]" for anything related to using Blender
"[Q4]", "[CoD]", "[UT3]", "[UDK]" etc. for posts related to specific games
"[WIP]" for posting progress or work-in-progress topics

.. and so on

What's this place about
Using Blender 3D as a tool of choice for creating new or editing pre-existing content for various computer games that allow it.

Can I discuss anything I want?
Pretty much, yes, but keep in mind this is a game editing forum so topics should be related to that or the post to which you're replying.

Do I need to register?
To post or reply to topics, yes. Reading information doesn't require registration. Registration is required to keep a check in place to limit spam attacks.

Please keep the following in mind at all times
- No pRon links: adult material is allowed but it has to be in context with the discussion in question, i.e. nude references for character models etc..
- No unsolicited spam: posts by spam bots or people registering to post dubious links to medical supplies will be deleted and the user banned.
- No sigs images: sorry but in my experience they suffer far too much abuse, make it difficult to read messages and use up unnesseay amounts of bandwidth that could better serve the content of the forum. Members have the ability to add 'text' based signature.
- No avatars: Saves on bandwidth and again is something often abused so avatars are disabled.