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register.app-console.com domain/service scam

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One of the reasons to be mindful of the type of information posted to Facebook is because according to their ToS, it can be pretty much used by anyone  for any reason. Entities on 'phishing' and 'scamming' trips know this all too well as they skulk around the Internet, social media in particular, scraping images and information to jury-rig their scams together.

The latest outfit doing this is "app-console.com" - which auto-redirects, as these things always do, to another website, "amc.pixtas.com" in this instance - who are trawling Facebook profiles, ripping profile images and icons that are then dropped into a mailshot (spam) as an "Ohh look, you too can have a mobile website... if you register with us and create a more advanced profile than the fake one we're trying to hook you into our services with" iPhone image (shown to the right which incorporates the 'KatsBits' facebook profile image and icon).

In the words of 'Skippa' (leader of the Penguins of Madagascar) "Nice try boys". Needless to say ignore and block.

Thank you again for choosing us (or one of our resellers) to register your domain katsbits.com. As more of your audience uses smartphones, we enabled your domain to run your own app, which visitors can save to their smartphones (your app screenshot attached).

To configure your app, visit the app console and select “Retrieve App” (on computer, not mobile device) by clicking -> register.app-console.com

Basic service is free. Subscription required for advanced features such as marketing your coupons, membership cards and other special offers to nearby, potential customers (on their iPhone unlock screen).

If you would like to unsubscribe and stop receiving these emails click here.

An interesting aside. Although it's possible to find a Facebook app ID associated with this scam (uses a Facebook login app), there's no way to report it when the associated 'owner' isn't known - FB provides plenty of options to report content users can see; pages, profiles, apps and other materials that have a presence on FB or elsewhere, beyond that we're all kind of stuck (so far as can be told). So just how do you report an app when all that's available is a html source viewed ID and no way to backtrack ownership?

[EDIT] Apparently the following can be used to trace some 'owner' information, however, it's still reliant on the app owner having a linked page or profile in order for it to be properly reported (substitute "xxxxx..." for the ID Token number);


Then report the content below;