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[Blender] Decimate in 2.49a

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I'm wondering if anybody else is having Blender crash on using the Decimate modifier?

I'm making some terrain out of a heightmap with something like 8 subdivisions, applying the displacement modifier, then creating a decimate modifier. If I change any settings on the modifier or try to apply it, Blender hangs then crashes.

Is this happening to anybody else? I'm thinking I might download Blender 2.5 and play with that instead.

Offline ratty redemption

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@ milk, I've certainly the had 2.49b hanging for several minutes during decimating, but can't remember if it ever crashed. usually crashes on my win xp home edition running blender would be due to sculpting, even with low poly meshes.

you could try checking your mesh for non manifold errors.

Offline kat

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You're using a compatible version of Python? I just downloaded and tested on a mesh and it works fine so you might be overloading your system with polys if you sub-divide to heavily. Try fewer levels and see if the same thing happens.