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[closed] UT99 character (medic +skins)

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What It would cost tome a charactor for UT99 A medic for both the red and blue both
drop dirty needles when dropped by  the other blue team and red team medic runs over them he will pick them up. medic carry's 2 enforcers.  a belt with small packs on the belt for guaze and needles etc etc.
and a small double axe when used on the other team will infect them and when used on your own team can heal. and some dieing sounds/sick cough/ etc etc

can use a ut99 charactor already made just change the clothes.

But this is the big question how much I am retired and don't get much income on social security:(. well anyways  thats what i was thinking of. I know I should try this myself but I just got this program and am areal noob,  LOL

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Have a read through this - "How much should I charge...". As an incidental note, you may get a better response posting this in a UT forum as this is largely a modification request rather than one specifically for Blender.