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We are currently looking for someone with experience in Art/3D development for a game that we recently began working on. We're looking for more cartoonist/fantasy graphics for a more family friendly game. So, the animations do not need to be extremely fancy. We'll be using them to make sprite sheets.

We currently have three programmers on hand ready to put your art into work. Initial art concepts are already made, we're just missing the actual animations. Our main goal is to make it available for Xbox download, and possibly a version for Windows Phone.

Any money earned would be distributed among the group according to effort put in.

If you are interested, please let me know.

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Hello Dan,

Greetings from Amun re Productions

We have come across your requirement in katsbits and would like to offer our assistance for the same. Kindly go through our work sample, we have also attached some of our animation samples.

Please find our  Showreel link pasted below

[link remove]

Will be awaiting your reply and we are very much looking forward to work with you.

Thanks & Regards

[EDIT]Spamming is not welcome. kat

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Please do not post CV/portfolio spam. If you cannot follow the very clear and basic instructions stated by the OP to send your information to them directly then it's highly unlikely you'll be considered for the work involved.