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ESRB ratings system and families

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This just dropped into my inbox. Activision commissioned the Harrison Group to conduct a survey into the ESRB ratings system, specifically with regards to how many gamers, aged between 6 to 44 years old, knew about and/or understood what the ratings system was and/or how it worked. The results are interesting.

- 82% of parents and 75% of children, both groups who played games, were familiar with the ratings system.
- 70% of game playing parents themselves used the ratings system when buying games.

The press-release goes on to add that;

- Gamers devote 32% of leisure time to entertainment, video games accounting for approximately 19%.
- 76% of parents agree video games are a part of their family's life, something they're comfortable with.
- Among parent gamers, 52% of their video gaming playing time is spent with their children.
- Approximately 62% of parents conduct research before purchasing a video game that their child wants.

So the 'bad press' that games constantly seem to get is misleading. Or to be fair, only telling half the story. Unfortunately that's the half of the story that's misrepresenting the number of parents that don't understand the ratings system and games in general. In other words, parents who generally don't appear to actually play games.

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interesting stats and I too would of thought there would of been less based on what we've been lead to believe in the main stream media.