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Stop SOPA/PIPA et-al

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So there are potentially going to be a number of 'blackouts' today (18th Jan 2012) in protest or 'objection' to  SOPA, the Stop Online Piracy Act, and PIPA, the Protect IP Act. If you've been visiting KatsBits for some time you may already have read some of the posts made on previously occasions on the subject. Some of the main bullet points for those that don't know are;
  • grants undue authority to corporations to prosecute a case outside of law
  • enables corporation to prosecute a case without 'objective' evidence
  • grants US authorities the ability to prosecute a third party in-absentia
  • grants US authorities the ability to 'veto' the law governing other sovereign countries
  • ISPs, services, businesses which allow User Content can be held liable and prosecuted for it
  • ISP's will be required to extend the timeframe they hold Personally Identifiable Information
  • websites can be taken offline without due process
There are also suggestions that should SOPA and PIPA pass, the next step is to implement some form of Internet ID, a 'digital drivers license' if you will, that could involve some form of biometric, a finger print (via an embedded thumb-scanner, which some laptops and PC's already have) or retina scan (via your computers webcam, which most laptop/PC's have).

Anywho... KatsBits isn't big enough for a meaningful blackout so this post has gone up instead. If you've not looked into any of this before, mooch through the forums for links and info. As the saying goes, "you seriously couldn't make this stuff up".

Almost forgot. Although SOPA/PIPA targets the US, other Nations do subscribe to the same policies - mainly those signed on to the Berne Convention on International Copyright. So depending on where you are, keep your eyes peeled and ears to the ground.