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[GTK] Intel HD3000 GtkRadiant camera view bug

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Issue Description
If you're using GtkRadiant, 1.4 in particular, on a computer that's has Intel's embedded "GMA" and "HD" graphics chipset you may encounter the old "ATI display bug" where content drawn in the 3D camera view is incomplete and corrupted (bug discovered via Intel's HD3000 chipset). Usually this takes the form of a combination of correctly drawn brush volumes and 'broken' wireframes, brush volumes missing their surfaces, being drawn in the camera view. The bug appears to apply to any type object; brushes, modeled objects or game entities.

The general fix for this is to enable an option in GtkRadiants "Preferences". To set this, click "Edit > Preferences" then on "2D Display/Rendering"; at the bottom of the list of options activate "ATI cards with broken drivers - bug #802". OK and close. On exiting Preferences the 3D view should adjust itself to display the scene correctly (if not, see below).

Missing geometry, brushes and objects drawn as wireframes

Activate the "ATI bug fix" in GtkRadiants "Preferences"

Scene is then usually displayed in the camera view correctly

Issue Persistence
Setting the ATI bug fix option doesn't always work however, so in certain circumstances the corruption may return. The route cause of the return of persistence of the issue appears to be associated with the display of 3D models so hiding these entities from view temporarily fixes this additional issue.

Under certain circumstances the display bug returns...

... using "Show/Hide" of modeled content stops the problem