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[Q4] Radiant Alternative?

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For some reason, Radiant refuses to load correctly. The CAM window, Z window, and XY window do not respond or display the correct information. I've tried everything. Right-clicking and drag within the window doesn't work. I've tried deleting editor.cfg and Quake4Config.cfg (at the same too). I don't have any mod pk4s or mod folders. I've tried uninstalling Quake 4, making sure that I remove the Quake 4 directory afterwards. Nothing works anymore. Quake 4 is up-to-date. Anyone know why this is happening? Are there any alternatives to Radiant? I just want to make levels as I would with Radiant.

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If you are on Windows Vista or Windows 7, right click on the editior (Quake 4's editor is launched from within the game itself, right?) or game icon, click on Properties, then the Compatibility tab, and Disable Visual Themes and Disable Desktop Composition.

There's also GTKRadiant 1.5 and GTKRadiant 1.6 both of which support Quake 4 editing.

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Thanks! Disabling desktop composition did the trick. Dunno why I didn't think of that.

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Keep in mind if you do use GTKRadiant as silicone_milk suggested you may have similar problems on Vista/W7 (caused by the OS and not Radiant). There are a couple of 'error' topics on this stuff (and here) on site so it's worth a search if you have additional problems.