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[tutorial] making Frenzoo furniture and other stuff

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This is the first of a couple of tutorials to do with using Blender 3D to make furniture items for Frenzoo, another 3D chat program that will give new-comers to 3D a relatively easy introduction in to making content. There's also an accompanying tutorial/article listing some of the common errors messages you'll get when exporting and converting files from dae to efa - something that's easy to mess up. Future tutorials should include making Frenzoo rooms/scenes and what IMVU creators need to do to convert their products for use in Frenzoo.

I'm not sure of the specific release details of this but I recently got the chance to look at the animated movie version of Visceral Games & EA's upcoming, 18 rated Dante's Inferno. It appears to be a re-telling of the game but in animated form so good majority of the concepts have been used between the two; if you've watched Animatrix that'll give you a good idea about the visual styling some of the episodes take on, each of which appears to have been done by a different studio. It's a good 'Manga' movie, my only gripe would be that there didn't really seem to be that significant a distinction between the styles used so the change from one to the other isn't that noticeable whilst engrossed whilst watching, unless EA wanted that mind you.